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Dr. Stefan Schmittmann

Dr. Stefan Schmittmann

Non-Executive Director


Dr. Stefan Schmittmann holds a PhD in Economics and a degree in Business Economics from the renowned University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. After completing his studies, in 1986, he joined Bayerische Vereinsbank AG, in Munich, Germany, where he served as member of the divisional board and acted as a Chief Credit Risk Officer. Here his main responsibilities included credit risk management, corporate and retail banking and commercial real estate.

In 2004, Dr. Schmittmann was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Spokesperson of the Board of Managing Directors of Vereins- und Westbank AG in Hamburg where he oversaw the organisation’s complete merger into the Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank.

After a number of years in leading management and board positions at the Hypo- und Vereinsbank, Dr. Schmittmann joined Commerzbank AG, where he was appointed a member of the Board of Directors and held the role of a Chief Risk officer, chairing the Group Risk, Marketing Risk and Credit Risk Committees. He was also responsible for the assessment and management of the members of the Management Board and their performance. Dr. Schmittmann is currently a freelance consultant and a non-executive board member of ECCM Bank plc, responsible for banking, regulatory and financial oversight.”