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Ms. Dorothy Kim Vella

Ms. Dorothy Kim Vella

Non-Executive Director


Ms. Dorothy Kim Vella is a governance, risk and regulatory compliance specialist having worked in the professional and financial services sector since 2004. Throughout her career, Ms. Vella occupied various positions of trust within banking and insurance subsidiaries of international groups (notably Raiffeisen Bank International, Renault, Auchan Retail). Among her regulated appointments, she has assumed the positions of Chief Risk Officer, Compliance Officer, Internal Control Officer and responsibility for oversight of the Actuarial Function.

Prior to joining the financial services sector, Ms. Vella managed a team of systems and process assurance specialists at PwC, executing information systems and financial audits, internal control reviews, business analyses and performance improvement engagements.

Today Ms. Vella serves as an independent non-executive director on the boards of other financial services institutions where she plays an active role in Audit and Risk Committees providing steering on governance, risk and compliance matters.